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 IFS  Excellence in Implementing IFS Solutions

Harward Technologies entered into a partnership with IFS to sell and implement IFS Applications in India and Asia Pacific. Harward Technologies helps and supports companies world wide to implement IFS and reengineer their business processes.

Harward Technologies can assist and support any IFS modules with both functional and technical expertise. Harward Technologies can assist your company from inception to the finish of any IFS implementation with modifications, migrations and any custom development apart from other IFS standard implementations. A brief description about IFS is as follows.

IFS develops and supplies component-based business application for medium and large enterprises. A top five global business applications supplier, IFS has more than 3,500 employees, with sales in 43 countries. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden (XSSE:IFS).

IFS Applications™

IFS Applications, which is based on web and portal technology offers a wide array of enterprise application components that span the entire demand and supply chain. IFS develops and supplies 60+ enterprise application components for financials, Human resource management, manufacturing, maintenance, engineering & design, customer relationship management and supply chain management. Also includes components for sales, marketing, procurement and dynamic partnership collaboration.

IFS delivers the most advanced component-based business applications providing high flexibility for step by step implementation. Mot only most advanced IFS applications are also the most integration friendly. They can be integrated with a large number of technologies from mobile phones, handheld computers, and legacy systems to supplementary best of breed applications from software partners.

Objects and components

The IFS solution is based on component architecture. IFS has been doing it ''the component way'' since 1994. This allows you to evolve and refine your business applications and processes to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment. This has also allowed IFS to continually add new technology and features that make IFS Applications easier to implement and use, as well as to integrate with other systems or software components.

What are the benefits of components?


Only IFS component based solutions let you:

  • Rapidly orchestrate change

  • Prioritize your most urgent needs

  • Limit the numbers affected by change

  • Run projects once process at a time, one site at a time

  • Run several discrete projects in parallel


    Only IFS component based solutions let you:

  • Use new components alongside existing systems to fill gaps and add functions as needed

  • Optimize your systems by integrating front and back office functions

  • Maximize your investment by including legacy systems, best of breed systems, and your own proprietary applications

  • Minimize financial risks and revolutionary changes by making rapid, but safe progress through evolution


    Only IFS component based solutions let you:

  • Build on what you already have in place, rather than starting over from scratch

  • Make continual changes and improvements throughout the extended enterprise without delay

  • Reassess priorities, refine plans or change direction completely, even mid-way through an implementation

    All encompassing

    Only IFS component based solutions let you:

  • Cover all the angles within your business by extending your enterprise to include: customers, partners and suppliers; and employees

  • Get everyone and everything to communicate by integrating diverse business processes, applications from multiple companies, varying user needs, and various

    Open Portal Framework

    IFS Applications promotes an open Community that connects old and new merging business models by means of an open portal framework. The Open Portal Framework consists of definitions, guidelines and tools that make it possible to quickly connect to the Internet to perform business transactions. This saves time, money and other resources for both established brick-and-mortar companies extending their operations on the web, and pure-play Internet start-ups that demand almost instant implementation in the race to be up and running.

    IFS Personal Portal provides user-friendly, personalized access to information and functions. The personal portal interface is a powerful enabler of online collaboration. It allows you to quickly and effectively gather and share relevant information and knowledge, make decisions and act to stay competitive.

    IFS eBusiness™

    IFS eBusiness components let you take advantage of the Internet to create and enhance business relations. You are able to provide personalized, accurate and real time information - a competitive differentiator. They also allow you to develop an Internet strategy for long-term one-to-one relationships, while ensuring security, performance, scalability and providing integration to the global marketplace.

    IFS Financials™

    IFS' finance components offer you a comprehensive overview of company business from any perspective you wish. At the same time, you can follow and scrutinize each financial transaction in detail. These components simplify accounting, enhance control capacity at all levels of the organization, and support change processes - whatever business you are in.

    IFS Front Office™

    IFS Front Office is an important part in any solution for customer relationship management. The components manage the customer interaction chain from the sales lead through the sales cycle to the ongoing support and service of the customer. The IFS front office concept is a result of increase focus on the customer vis-à-vis the product, the service content and added value.

    IFS Distribution™

    IFS Distribution is the basis for your supply chain management solution. The components in IFS Distribution are based on four fundamental principles: Simplicity, to visualize product flows and make the system easy to use; Flexibility, to make it easier to adapt to different distribution models and working methods; Adaptability, to allow the system to grow and support change in the company; Openness, to facilitate communication with other actors in the order-to-delivery chain.

    IFS Manufacturing™

    IFS' components for manufacturing provide a simple, highly automated flow for the trivial many tasks in combination with advanced management by exception for the vital few. A powerful, multifaceted solution that supports planning, execution, control and analysis in most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process, and for all employees in the organization.

    IFS Human Resources™

    IFS human resources components save time and money through rational, cost-effective management of human resource administration. They provide fast and accurate analysis, securing the competence and development needs of both the company and its employees. They are essential in successful, strategic human resource planning.

    IFS Maintenance™

    IFS' maintenance components make up a complete maintenance system that provides the proactivity, openness and flexibility to keep pace with rapidly changing demands. Easy to work with and access, it contains a depth of functionality that provides comprehensive support for day-to-day maintenance requirements as well as continuous development and improvement.

    IFS Engineering™

    IFS' components for engineering minimize the work of specifying and configuring design elements and products. Quality is assured by rationalizing the administration of all related documentation, including revisions. The entire organization is given access to information, providing continuously updated data for technical, administrative and financial decisions.

    General components

    These supporting components are applicable to almost any assembly of components and most processes. They can be added over time, for example if you want to run a venture as a project, follow up on quality, or apply the portal interface to your existing IFS Applications.